Sunday is Coming

It seems that, by stroke of good fortune, I have been assigned to post on the week right after Easter for a second year in a row. Good deal. I love Easter. As contemporary Christians, our observance of Holy Week is largely an act of remembering. And in a sense, by remembering we “relive” the …

Sunday is Coming

Admit it

It was just two weeks ago that I got home from a busy day of class and meetings– to my roommate cancelling a huge conference she had planned for months because of the spreading coronavirus. That was the first big cancellation that made the illness feel like a more immediate threat. It was also what …

Admit it

Grace is Not Fair (and That’s a Good Thing)

Grace is unfair. Do you agree? In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, Jesus paints a picture of grace that runs counter to human intuitions. The story begins by relating the Kingdom of Heaven to a landowner who agreed to pay workers a denarius when he hired them early in the morning. As …

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