2020 Vision

We are 15 days into 2020, and I have already failed at my goals for the year. I’m talking completely forgot, slipped my mind, did not complete. I had this elaborate plan. I was so excited and determined. I typed it up and made it look cool. 2020 was going to be my year and …

2020 Vision

To Repent is to Re-Aim

In high school, Molly and I had a physics teacher who likened God’s love to a vector. A vector is defined by Merriam Webster as “a quantity that has magnitude and direction,” both qualities that can be applied to God’s love to help us understand it better.  In that physics class, we represented vectoral forces …

To Repent is to Re-Aim


This has been my hardest, most rewarding, and most unhealthy semester yet, and through it, God has shown me my sin and His grace. After my summer in Richmond, I felt incredibly well-rested and ready for a new semester. When I got to Mason, I jumped headfirst into a thousand different projects. Every single one …

Superwoman

Jesus is Better: an Invitation to Intimacy with Christ

The semester is drawing to a close, simultaneously too fast and not fast enough. I’ve thought at length about what God has taught me over the past months, and as always there’s too much to fit into one blog post. College is, for me, a sacred place. Not because it’s been perfect. Quite the opposite, …

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