Admit it

It was just two weeks ago that I got home from a busy day of class and meetings– to my roommate cancelling a huge conference she had planned for months because of the spreading coronavirus. That was the first big cancellation that made the illness feel like a more immediate threat. It was also what …

Admit it

Patience: When Life Seems Stagnate

Everyone has vices, and if I could name one that’s plagued me during college (of the many), it would be discontentment. Throughout various seasons it has waxed and waned, but when I look back on the last two-and-a-half years, I know it’s always been a struggle. I’ve long thought that parts of my life could …

Patience: When Life Seems Stagnate

To Repent is to Re-Aim

In high school, Molly and I had a physics teacher who likened God’s love to a vector. A vector is defined by Merriam Webster as “a quantity that has magnitude and direction,” both qualities that can be applied to God’s love to help us understand it better.  In that physics class, we represented vectoral forces …

To Repent is to Re-Aim

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