Confessions of a Mistaken Leader

Over the past year, I’ve written quite a few posts on perfectionism. I’d like to say that creating publishable pieces on the topic reflect some sort of of linear personal growth. While it’s true that the Holy Spirit has grown my self-awareness and has deepened my understanding of the Gospel, I constantly find myself stuck …

Confessions of a Mistaken Leader

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Coordinates: Specific Time, Specific Placement

Do you think that you have purpose? Do you truly believe that God can use you? Do you trust that you have been put where you are in a specific placement for a specific time?  Or do you see yourself as just average, with little impact, and seemingly no plan? I think that when we …

Coordinates: Specific Time, Specific Placement

Embrace Hard Things

In that moment, God began teaching me what has become a core lesson of my time in college: I am insufficient, weak, and unqualified, but God is all-sufficient, all-powerful, and worthy. And He has promised that He is faithful to provide in the midst of my frailty.

Do Not Be Afraid

In the weeks leading up to my first year of college, I continually heard the question, “Are you ready?”  “Yes!” I always replied. “I’m so excited!”  That was the truth, but only half of it. The other half, the one I didn’t say, was: I’m so, so scared. College offers the chance to dive deeper …

Do Not Be Afraid

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