From Guys to Girls: Q&A

By Common Ground Blog | Jul 24, 2019

We’re excited to introduce the final, bonus post of Welcome to the Gray Space: answers from Christian guys to girls’ dating questions.  For six weeks, we’ve written about several elements of dating: pursuing Christ first, love languages, emotional and spiritual boundaries, physical boundaries, waiting, and breakups. But to get a fuller picture, we wanted to …

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Our Good, His Glory: Breakups & Divine Sovereignty

By Ana Yee | Jul 17, 2019

“Well… okay, so I guess that’s it then. We’re not dating anymore.” The words felt heavy as I voiced the mutual decision. I fiddled with the string of my teabag, folding and unfolding the piece of paper on the end. My dining hall mug had been far too small and the tea was long gone. …

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The Waiting Game

By Leah Pulliam | Jul 10, 2019

“Are we there yet?” Regardless of the distance of the trip, wouldn’t you say this is a pretty common question asked by anyone ages 3 to 93? Everyone is ready for the next thing. We live constantly waiting for the next thing: the next job promotion or the next home, to be done with singleness …

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Drawing Lines

By Molly Harnish | Jul 3, 2019

When I was eleven, my mom and I went on a mother-daughter retreat called “Passport to Purity.” We ate at a fancy restaurant, hiked in a state park, and talked about sex.  One of my worksheets during that weekend (yes, there were worksheets) pictured a path leading up to the edge of a cliff. Along …

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When Sparks Fly: Emotional and Spiritual Boundaries in Dating

By Ana Yee | Jul 2, 2019

It was summer. We had just spent a summer doing high school ministry together, and in that world of close team dynamics and long work days, something was lit. The sparks began to fly; it was my first relationship ever. As we prepared for the school year the sparks continued to build up. In fact, …

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