Molly Harnish

Do Not Be Afraid

In the weeks leading up to my first year of college, I continually heard the question, “Are you ready?”  “Yes!” I always replied. “I’m so excited!”  That was the truth, but only half of it. The other half, the one I didn’t say, was: I’m so, so scared. College offers the chance to dive deeper …

Do Not Be Afraid

Drawing Lines

When I was eleven, my mom and I went on a mother-daughter retreat called “Passport to Purity.” We ate at a fancy restaurant, hiked in a state park, and talked about sex.  One of my worksheets during that weekend (yes, there were worksheets) pictured a path leading up to the edge of a cliff. Along …

Drawing Lines

Damsel or Daughter?

Welcome to the gray space! For the next six weeks, we’re going to write about dating, including waiting, love languages, boundaries, and intentionality. We’ve titled this series thoughtfully. In Romans 14:1-15:7, Paul writes to the members of the Roman church about their differences in convictions, particularly about eating certain kinds of food and observing holy …

Damsel or Daughter?

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