Molly Harnish

Who is Jesus?

Before you read any further, think about it for a second. Who is Jesus? How would you describe Him to someone who had never heard the gospel? Outside the church, many think Jesus was a good teacher, the protagonist of a story made up to enforce morality, or a complete narcissist bent on gaining power. …

Who is Jesus?

Do Not Be Afraid

In the weeks leading up to my first year of college, I continually heard the question, “Are you ready?”  “Yes!” I always replied. “I’m so excited!”  That was the truth, but only half of it. The other half, the one I didn’t say, was: I’m so, so scared. College offers the chance to dive deeper …

Do Not Be Afraid

Drawing Lines

When I was eleven, my mom and I went on a mother-daughter retreat called “Passport to Purity.” We ate at a fancy restaurant, hiked in a state park, and talked about sex.  One of my worksheets during that weekend (yes, there were worksheets) pictured a path leading up to the edge of a cliff. Along …

Drawing Lines

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