Leah  Pulliam

Hi friend! I am so happy you are here! You can find me driving to Dunkin' on my lunch break (current order is an iced coffee with oat milk in case you were wondering), whipping up something in the kitchen like I am competing on Chopped Kitchen, or snuggled up next to my fiance watching hockey or football on a Sunday afternoon. I love weight lifting, finding new trails to take long walks on around PA, and spending time with my family and our two dogs!


God has completely rerouted my life in ways I was not expecting. I graduated with a degree in Family & Child Development/Psychology in May 2020 and now I am a licensed Broker working for a major investment firm and placing trades for clients and talking to people about their investment goals. I moved home in the middle of the pandemic and have been enjoying the "Work-from-Home" environment and spending extra time with my family since then. I got engaged in December 2020 and I am gearing up for my wedding later this year!


Common Ground Blog is truly an outpouring of almost 6 years of friendship with two of the best women I know and a sneak peak into the ways that God is working in our lives. I am fortunate enough to be just one-third of little ministry. You will likely find me writing about the art of rest, my battle to defeat my drive for perfectionism, and the faithfulness of God through it all.

Molly  Harnish

Hello! It's me, the born-and-raised Pennsylvanian. I love writing, farmers' markets, running, Doc Martens, black coffee, road trips, and used bookstores. Most of the time, I'm either enthusiastically yelling about the book I'm reading or quietly sitting and reading said book. I recently graduated from George Mason University with a degree in economics, and I work as a research assistant in Washington, D.C.


My testimony is one of surrender. Practically since I claimed my faith for my own, God has brought me to my knees again and again, reminding me that I am not in control. So while I write about all sorts of things, I tend to echo the refrains of lament, light, and above all, grace. From my battle with EDNOS in high school to college and beyond, God has met me in my brokenness and strengthened me abundantly, not least through the love of these two women I am proud to call soul sisters. So welcome to Common Ground Blog. I hope you stick around!

Ana  Yee

Welcome to Common Ground! My name is Ana, and I am a born-and-bred New Englander. I grew up outside of Boston, MA and currently go to school at Harvard University. While a Bostonian at heart, my second home is in Pennsylvania, where I lived for six years and met Molly and Leah.


I'm currently taking a year off from school, but next fall I will start my last year at Harvard, where I major in the History of Science and minor in Religious Studies. My dream is to eventually become a medical missionary, and God's provided some amazing opportunities for me to live overseas for short stints in college. Outside of school, I love reading, writing poetry, going on ridiculously long hikes up large mountains, and generally being outdoors for too long.


Over the course of my life, God has been incredibly faithful in sustaining and guiding my walk with Him. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know, how much I need, and how little I deserve of His love. And yet, He continues to give of Himself, and that is grace! Most recently, God has been teaching me to listen for His direction for even the littlest things, to make bold requests in faith, and to live with patient hope amidst uncertainty. Writing for Common Ground has been incredibly fruitful for me, and I hope that it is a source of great encouragement for you!

The  Birth  of  Common  Ground  Blog

On paper, we could not be more different. We grew up in three different states, and after a brief two years together, we made our separate ways to a southern Christian university, an Ivy League school in New England, and an up-and-coming state school outside of our nation's capital.

Sure, you can point to our shared love for Ben & Jerry's, the time we spent together in the softball infield, and our propensity for quoting almost the entirety of The Office to each other, to explain our friendship. Yet common interests alone do not a friendship make.

We remain convinced that our friendship grew from the common ground in which we're planted - Christ Jesus. It's our fellowship in Him that sustains us as we do school and life in different states (NoVa and Lynchburg might as well be in different states, we promise). It's what allows us to encourage one another while we're away, and to pick up right where we left off whenever we're all in the same city.

We started Common Ground because we realized our conversations were certainly too long for text and didn't quite make sense for phone calls. In the midst of hard circumstances, we realized that God had been putting a lot on our hearts - a lot that maybe, just maybe, was meant to go outside our little circle of three.

We have a lot to say about college, Christian living, relationships, anxiety, independence, rest, and so much more. But most of all we're grateful for the God in whom we're grounded, and we're so glad you've chosen to meet us on this common ground, too.

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