Less is more

2020 gave me a lot of good. I graduated from college and started a new job. I moved home to live with my family and enjoyed quality time that I have missed out on with them in the last three years. I got engaged to my now fiancé, Brandon, and started to fully plan out our future life together. 

As I reflected on the highs of my year, I realized it was the least structured and most truly restful year of my life. If you read my 2020 Vision post (incredibly ironic, I know), then you’ll know that I was striving to create a life of steadiness, silence, shalom, and sabbath. Little did I know I wouldn’t be handed this gift in a little box with a bow — it would be forced on me without a chance for me to protest! 

In 2020 I read less books, listened to less music and podcasts, watched less Netflix, and filled in my calendar with less “appointments” and “to do’s” than ever before. While my natural reaction to this was to be disappointed, I am honestly overjoyed. “Less” in my life really did become “more.” 

Now Netflix and “To Do” lists and reading books can definitely have their place, a year of less was exactly what I needed.

As I prep and plan for a new year, I am carrying with me the mindset of less is more and I wanted to share some of the resources that are helping me accomplish that.

Bible Reading Plans:

So often I have tried to commit myself to a rigid Bible reading plan at the start of a new year. I get so focused on actually completing the reading for the day that I do not actually dwell in the Word of God. One of the things that I have looked into for this year is Bible reading plans that provide readings for 5 out of 7 days a week. This gives me the freedom to read the Bible at the pace I choose (ie spreading out 1 reading over multiple days) while still giving me some structure of what to read next.

If you have the YouVersion Bible App, two of the plans that I would recommend are the Bible in a Year Plan from Ligonier Ministries, which has 315 readings for the year, or The Greatest Story: Through the Bible in a Year, which has 5 readings a week. Additionally, if you want to be able to download a reading plan option, click here.


She Reads Truth has been a staple in my devotional life for quite some time now. I have used one of their leather bibles, and while it is quite hefty, it has held up extremely well over the past few years. You can sign up on their website to have daily devotions sent to your inbox and it pairs nicely with an app that gives you access to their devotionals and the Bible too. I recently joined in on their devotional subscription box where they send you a study book that you can work through each month! You can do a monthly subscription or just annual.

Physical Health:

2020 taught me how to view working out as an opportunity to honor my body. It was an opportunity to improve my mental health and from there improve my relationships. Working out became fun — it no longer felt like a chore or punishment! Jenna Epperly is a trainer I found out about from Molly! She is a Believer and takes a very holistic approach to fitness. If you’re looking for workouts that will leave you dripping in sweat and celebrating what your body can do while also being mindful of your mental health, I would definitely recommend checking her out!


While I did not make any outright resolutions for 2021, I do want to work on reducing my technology and social media usage. My mom and I have been using the app Moment that takes note of how much you are on your phone and can set restrictions on how often you use selected apps. Additionally, I am aiming to turn off my phone for one hour every day to work on being more present.

This list of things is not exhaustive, but it feels like the perfect amount of less is more — adding value to my life by giving myself flexibility and options without being restrictive. It is not necessarily profound by any means, but I have seen it be life changing for me and I hope that in some way it has encouraged you as well.

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