The Sun Will Rise: A Playlist for Quarantine

Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to focus on how God has provided and come through on promises on a day-to-day basis instead of the long-term future. There is beauty and hope in the simplicity of daily rhythms, which culminate and point to the larger redemptive hope we have in God’s ability to redeem quarantine and restore our world. Each day, the sun rises and we are blessed with warmth; our lungs are filled with breath and we get another day of life with Jesus. In a more symbolic way, at the end of this season of quarantine, the sun will rise and our God– who is in the business of redemption– will restore the world. He is working now, in the day-to-day, and will work in the bigger future.

One daily blessing which I often take for granted is the ability to listen to music. So for this week’s post, instead of writing I’m putting out a playlist. (Sorry for those of you who don’t have Spotify!) It’s not really themed around any specific idea and not all of the songs are explicitly Christian. But some of the songs in it are the songs I’ve listened to daily during quarantine. If you’re looking for some chill music for your time at home, or if you’ve been searching for some alternative/indie mostly-Christian music, check it out! It features artists like Roo Panes, Josh Garrels, Sufjan Stevens, Rivers & Robots, Will Reagan, and more.

For a link to the playlist in your Spotify browser, use this:

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