2020 Vision

We are 15 days into 2020, and I have already failed at my goals for the year. I’m talking completely forgot, slipped my mind, did not complete.

I had this elaborate plan.

I was so excited and determined.

I typed it up and made it look cool.

2020 was going to be my year and I was not going to fail at my goals like always, and yet here we are.

My goal, you might ask: to set aside time each week for true rest. A Sabbath. A time for worship and play and no work.

I couldn’t even make it two weeks y’all. Nothing like that to show me how addicted I am to the hustle of life!

But as Jefferson Bethke so strongly declares in his latest book, “to hell with the hustle!”

However, even though I devoured my way through that book, I clearly missed his whole point that it is not about the goal you choose, but striving in your everyday to have what you value become routine.

I am not going to learn to rest or embrace a Sabbath by keeping a rigid schedule and a list to check off – that makes it no different than any other thing I do in my life. If Biblical rest is what I desire, then it needs to become a habitual part of each day. 

And so, I present to you my imperfect, might not get there yet but we’re gonna try, 2020 vision.

Steady – Silent – Shalom – Sabbath

SteadyCherishing time in God’s Word

I spent all of 2019 progressing through a reading through the Bible in a year plan. It was awesome and I am glad that I chose to do it. However, I found myself reading to complete the checklist and less for teaching, conviction, and application. My 2020 vision is to be steady in my study of God’s Word. Slow, intentional, methodical. No checklist. Just sitting before the Lord, reading his Word and asking him to shape me and mold me by it.

SilentQuiet before the Lord

I was always the kid that got in trouble for talking too much in class. I am not very quiet, I always have something to say, and I do not sit still for long. This lack of discipline has translated into my time with the Lord. I do not give myself enough time to be silent and listen to him. Therefore, my 2020 vision includes the daily practice of sitting silent. No music. No distractions. Just sitting silently, inviting Him into my day and allowing Him to speak while I listen.

Shalom“my peace I give to you” – John 14:27

I do not create much space for peace in my life when I am always on the move. My 2020 vision of practicing shalom is two-fold: practicing responding to changes in my life with peace and not anxiety and staying accountable with how I handle my mental health. When I choose peace in my day to day, I stay intune with my emotions, how I am responding to others, and if I am truly taking care of myself.

Sabbath – “fill the earth with God’s presence” – Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke describes a day of Sabbath as an opportunity to “fill the earth with God’s presence.” This struck me because I realized how little time I devote in my daily routine to fill the earth with God’s presence. It is often limited to a portion of my morning routine and some worship music during my commute to school or work. My 2020 vision culminates with a 24 hour Sabbath every week. 24 hours of no work – school work or otherwise. 24 hours of no social media. 24 hours of space to be with Jesus and engage with my community.

While steady, silent, shalom, and Sabbath may not be your vision for 2020, I would encourage you to choose daily habits over a year long goal. Incorporate your values into your everyday routine. Prioritize Jesus and your health and your family and friends, or whatever you want to see growth in, and make it a part of how you walk daily. 

And above all, fill the earth with God’s presence.

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