Singleness, Dating, & Sexuality Resources

Looking for resources on Biblical singleness, dating, and sexuality? Here are a few that Common Ground Recommends:

Single, Dating, Engaged, Married by Ben Stuart– This is far and away the best and most comprehensive resource on Biblical singleness and relationships that I (Ana) have found. It captures all of the conclusions that took me years of reading and thinking to come to on my own. You can get it in two forms– as a book and through the podcast available on Apple podcasts or at Breakaway Ministries. Ben Stuart led a large campus ministry at Texas A&M for many years, so his wisdom is well-tailored to students. He applies as much Biblical truth as possible to all four relational stages– for example, while dating isn’t discussed in scripture, Stuart uses principles from Biblical relationships to clarify what dating is and how it should be approached. His wisdom challenges cultural narratives of singleness, dating, and sex in a way that is refreshing and applicable.

Sacred Singleness by Leslie Ludy– this book is a short but worthwhile read for any young women with questions about their season of singleness. It gives a scripturally-based theology of singleness that is especially helpful for girls who want to get married in the future but are currently single. Ludy challenges cultural assumptions about singleness and paints a picture of Biblical singleness that is fruitful, others-oriented, and joy-filled. Read “Sacred Singleness” expecting to be challenged– when I first read it, I found myself spurred to repentance of the ways I had made dating an idol and had failed to use my single season well. While Ludy’s honesty can be convicting, she also offers inspiring anecdotes from numerous women who are using their singleness to do incredible things for God’s Kingdom.

Phylicia Masonheimer’s Blog— I’ve been following this blog since I was 14. No kidding! I originally found it through a friend’s Facebook page, and haven’t stopped reading it since. Phylicia offers Biblical wisdom on topics ranging from sexuality to productivity to Biblical womanhood. She has a lot of refreshing things to say about purity and sex, and her wisdom was key in helping me form convictions about singleness and dating. I’ve found her writing to be nuanced and honest. Phylicia attended seminary and her solid grasp of Scripture is evident in her writing; she does an incredible job of preaching the Gospel in relation to all kinds of topics. Her site has lately focused on productivity, but if you explore the “Blog” tab you can find archives of all of her past posts on singleness, dating, and sexuality. The “Search” option allows you to read by topic. Here are some of my favorite posts:

Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot by Mo Isom– I haven’t read this myself (although it’s waiting on my bookshelf!) but it came highly recommended by Molly and Leah. Both of them thought that it gave Biblical insight into sexuality. Molly wrote, “Mo is incredibly vulnerable and honest about her own struggles while simultaneously refusing to sugarcoat the Biblical truth about sexuality. If you’ve ever found yourself with questions about Biblical sexuality, the gray areas of relationships, and what purity really means in practice, this book is definitely worth the read.”

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